【BLACK ★ ROCK SHOOTER – THE GAME】 Distribution & Twitter icon starts first in the movies ever published

Hello everyone

Movie page is now available so far are summarized in a movie once
The various promo and we look thus far
I‘ve had is

Like at a special page has icons for starting the distribution of Twitter
IconFuture plans to increased

ブラック★ロックシューター THE GAME TwitterアイコンBRS
ブラック★ロックシューター THE GAME TwitterアイコンGRAY
ブラック★ロックシューター THE GAME TwitterアイコンWRS
CHECK_RPGNext week、present campaign conducted
Recentlywe conducted広報見習 いまおか Aspect of the present campaign is
Thank a lot for your applicationsThank you very much
Currently、Is being drawn
I was winning
Stay tuned because I received an email from the person I now putIn the present campaign that again in the near futurePerform
As the conditions for participationThose who follow the Twitter account is now placed apprentice relationsLet me sasete itadakimasu。

Contents gifts、「BLACK ★ ROCK SHOOTER – THE GAME Huke fan‘s autograph signatureAnd   ×3 persons

IfInterested parties are広報見習 いまおか のTwitterアカウントI hope your follow and enjoy

CHECK_RPGFor next week’s update
I update next weekAugust 10Wednesdayand August 11Thursdayand will be updated continuously
On August 10、「BRS-TALK」ContinuedMini games for everyone to enjoy your project is planned or rather unusual
To enjoy


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