【Black★Rock Shooter – THE GAME】 – PS HOME of Narikiri WRS introduction &Traveller’s original calling card to draw down huke!


Now put a public relations trainee、In PlayStation(R) HOME、I tried to challenge the cosplay of WRSDress up items for sale from today 「nari kiri WRS」reportplease visit us everyone


He has drawn his own with the character designs huke

Original illustration BRS wearing bunny costumetelephone card

Store Site WEB 「nikoniko chokuhan」 now on sale at the start


I completely made ​​to orderI want it early

Product NameBlack★Rock Shooter – THE GAME original telephone card


Release DateOctober 2011

Price1,600 yen(tax included

Sun Order Deadline:October 03, 2011 (Monday) until 15:00

Comiket 80 were sold at the booth Niko Niko direct

Black Rock Shooter Setis the same as a calling card

Order Page こちら (site to direct special Niko Niko


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