【Black★Rock Shooter – THE GAME】In the original comic series in Konputiku Gekkan!

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「Black★Rock Shooter – THE GAME」

Konputiku Gekkan(on sale 10 days each month) at、and the original comic series in the game official。TNSK popular writer and cute and stylish design。


2032 AD――a sudden、kind of earthling received from alien invaders、is kind of stand in a fateful crisis、And 19 years from the first invasion by the alien、at the end of humanity over the long battle、which succeeded in producing weapons for the battle against aliens。The name of the weapon and then the last hope of humanity guardian「BRS」。Dropped off the open fire and fierce battle with her alien!




Characters suchas the time axisis the same game worl
Is different from the original story and expanded
Another「The・Game」will be drawn

Tomorrow, November 10Thursdayin the fourth story published in issue 12 released on Mon Konputiku
Forcesthat is curlyunexpected behavior・・・!?
Do not miss the more you clear the game

(c)TNSK/Kadokawashoten (c)huke/B★RS Project (c)2011・GSC/MAGES./Imageepoch


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