☆Rin・Len&Luka a decision also appeared 『Hatsune Miku Nihon University Thanksgiving』 want to deliver new information☆

Everyone、『Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- extend』 What we are enjoying?
You are very much popular with our customers、our staff are thrilled。

Since our work is packed with love and sweat and tears of the development team、I think it is also appreciated by those who come to play are not played yet。

Well、today delivers the latest information on smoking at the event!
You will be the recently announced 『Hatsune Miku Nihon University Thanksgiving』。
You’re the echoes of this event is to be a lot of thanks、
Kagamine Rin・Len」、「Megurine Luka」 We have a cast of over!
■March 08 「Hatsune Miku Live Party 2012(Mikupa♪)」
Cast:Hatsune Miku、Kagamine Rin、Kagamine Len、Megurine Luka / MKP39

■March 09 「Hatsune Miku the last concert Miku Thanksgiving Day」
Cast:Hatsune Miku、Kagamine Rin、Kagamine Len、Megurine Luka / The 39s

I completed a logo for their performances、together admire。

<Hatsune Miku Live Party 2012(Mikupa♪)>
Hatsune Miku the last concert Miku Thanksgiving Day

And now、in addition to the general ticket、a special seat only 390 seats
39(Thank you)special sheet”  we offer。

Here、in concert, March 08 「Hatsune Miku Live Party 2012 According(Mikupa♪)」 and、
March 09 concert 「Hatsune Miku the last concert Miku Thanksgiving Day」 concert tickets (one for each one) and、T-shirts and neck strap、and is content to set a special luxury goods such as posters。

39 installed in each arena concert (Thank you) I enjoy the seats、who are interested to check it out Please look。
We published the designs of special goods as they become available。

Oh、so this ticket will be accepted only lottery official Pre-WEB、do not miss!

Including information for more details、please check the official HP more。

Lastly、Pre-win official WEB、next week, November 23(Wed)
You start from 12:00!

Support from everyone、I can continue to thank you!


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