Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade:Notice of sale other skins contest

At DIVA.NET、2 silver awards in the contest skins held in April 2011sales will begin。

「Torinigashita!」 I can I please come and get with this opportunity。


★4 minutes Skin Contest held early May

Cookies designed by 3 Gatsu yooka


skin_227.jpg skin_230.jpg

skin_232.jpg skin_235.jpg

Luka designed by Torigoe Takumi


skin_101.jpg skin_104.jpg

skin_106.jpg skin_109.jpg

Shiteyan’yofībaa  designed by Ryuusei


skin_062.jpg skin_065.jpg

skin_067.jpg skin_069.jpg

★4 minutes Skin contest held in late

Nonbiri n chi ~yuu designed by Mo~tsu-san


skin_204.jpg skin_205.jpg

skin_207.jpg skin_210.jpg

Urban Silhouette designed by Tripshots


skin_044.jpg skin_047.jpg

skin_048.jpg skin_051.jpg

Machines designed by Deino


skin_162.jpg skin_163.jpg

skin_165.jpg skin_168.jpg


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