supercell the fans are dying 『supercell private exhibition』 being held!!

supercell private exhibition
Shibuya Parco Part December 1 at 1/B1F LOGOS GALLERY、『supercell private
exhibition』 being held。『supercell private
exhibition』 andNew single released in supercell December 23 『My Dearest』 to commemorate、1st
album、2nd album、new single『My Dearest』 It was exhibited at once an illustration of the events recorded music

supercell is a video site Niko Niko video voice synthesis software 『Hatsune Miku』 by artist collective was born in the post it did with the musicwhich is composed of a number of creators and ryo is the central figure of the composerCreators to participate in addition to ryo Composer primarily providing musiccomic
『DOGS/BULLETS&CARNAGE』 author Miwa Shirowthe game 『Steins;Gate』 huke was responsible for character designanimation Guilty CrownIt’s like redjuice Nadachi Taru creators of original character
Works produced in the past also melt』『Black★Rock Shooter』『World is Minefor examplejump over the fence of the Internet nowsongs that just exploded in popularity around the worldTV Anime 『bakemonogatari』So theme songknow your storyin charge、そof TV animation in November 23 and Guilty Crowntheme song 『My
Dearest』 was releasedhe Fuji TV next January 『noitamina』 noitamina 『Black★Rock Shooter』 and well ahead of broadcast animationa group of artists is also notable that the future is certainThe supercell exhibition 『supercell private
exhibition』 is heldsupercell for the fans should not miss that valuable experience
supercell private exhibition
private exhibition』 in 『My
Dearest』 has also been limited to selling original goods for exhibitions and venues used in the costumesThe original goods 『My
Dearest』 T-shirts and canvas bags、2nd album『 Today Is A Beautiful
Day』supercell fans are sold original canvases and panels will chance the case of irresistible smartphones
Moreovereven in goods would recommend thisbut the original canvas panelAnd illustrations of the supercell is printed on canvas painting will be usedfor example, say that the best gem in the interior of the roomRoom to fit the image of 『My Dearest』 and 2nd album 『 Today Is A
Beautiful Day』 by selecting any combination of the illustrations of WillBecause of limited goods Geki rare venue is definitely well! The official site of LOGOS
GALLERY There are other 『supercell private
exhibition』 who care about the information I have posted want to check goods
Try us visited the exhibition so precious Would supercell
supercell Official site:
Event Information
Venue:LOGOS GALLERY Logos Gallery in Shibuya Parco Part 1 / B1F
Period:12 .1( Thu)-12 .13( Tue) last day 17:00 closing
Contact:03-3496-1287  (Logos Gallery
【CD Information
supercell 4th single 「My Dearest」
November 23, 2011 (Wed) released
1. My Dearest・・・AnimeGuilty Crown」OP Theme
2. Tsumibito
3. Dai hinmin ・・・NTV「PON!」Ending theme in November
4. My Dearest (TV Edit)
5. My Dearest -Instrumental-
6. Tsumibito -Instrumental-
7. Dai hinmin -Instrumental-
8. My Dearest (TV Edit) -Instrumental-
Limited Edition / CD+DVD】
1575 yen (including tax) / SRCL7793~4
Benefits Limited
Tie-up as anime ending theme song「Departures ~Send your love song~」EGOIST(11/30 releasedand inclusion policy purchasers of W
☆「Guilty Crownsticker enclosed drawn back cover(「EGOIST」sticker in conjunction with a single illustration
☆Vu~aisushuvu~arutsu 「Guilty Crownspecial PR card enclosed
DVD was recorded with song clips, etc
01.「My Dearest」Music Video
02.「Guilty Crowntrailer 130sec. (Ver.2)
03.「Guilty Crown」 Opening Credits Non-Movie
Regular Edition / CD only】
1223 yen (Regular Edition]) / SRCL7795
ReleaseSony MusicRecords  SalesSony Music Distribution

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