☆ KEI drawn 『Hatsune Miku Thanksgiving Nihon University』 ☆


Alrighttoday I received a goodthing to airman basic source of

I would like to see everyone


Yes、hey I have Hatsune Miku

It is hereto be held on the day of 8・9 March 2012 『Hatsune Miku Thanksgiving Nihon University』  is the main visual

KEI drawn 「mikucolor×Hatsune Miku Thanksgiving Nihon University」 in

We have collaborated over illustrations
(C)SEGA / (C)Crypton Future Media, Inc.

Organized by SEGA/MAGES.

illustration by KEI
WellIt‘s shining Hatsune Miku

So hang in there and I feel this week basic airman‘s it
Latest information on eventsplease try to check on how the HP official


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