【Calendar – Original】HATSUNE MIKU 2012 CALENDAR powered by piapro.jp

CryptonFutureMedia Characters「Hatsune Miku」「Kagamine Rin」「Kagamine Len」「Megurine Luka」「MEIKO」「KAITO」charm

The tightly packed calendar of fan interest from January to December

Popular with youthen you can use your calendar as a postcard

2way specification is unchanged

Seal added new illustrationsand deliver more powerful!

If piapro is it・・・・?

『piapro』is、good for each other content between the various creators on the Internet

Star meet stars

CGM is a site aimed at creating a forum for collaboration to produce new content

By providing an opportunity to exert creators in various fields

Piapro to accelerate productionand promote the development of CGM culturehttp://piapro.jp/
Specifications : Desk

Size : Height150mm×Width175mm、including cover 15sheet

This product is a desk calendar

CD-R, etc. will not be includedwhen you purchase Please note


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