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December 13, 2011(Tue)~January 22, 2012Sun) ※チケット情報一覧はコチラ

(※detailedprecautions are acceptedplease see the receptionist on the screen。)

(※Outside the registration periodso you can access the registration screenplease understand。)

Family Mart leading draw store posters on December 13, 2011Tue)12:00~December  19 (Mon)21:00


Leading Puigaido draw CN December 23, 2011FridayHoliday)10:00~January 06, 2012Fri)10:00


Leading member Draw SOGO TOKYO December 23, 2011FriMon)11:00~January 06, 2012Fri)11:00


Leading Pre-drawn December 23, 2011FridayHoliday)12:00~December 25Sun)18:00


Leading pre-request drawn December 23, 2011FridayHoliday)13:00~January 05, 2012Thu)23:00


Purerizabu leading drawn January 09, 2012MondayHoliday)11:00~January 12(Thu)11:00


Next drawn 2 leading pre-request January 16, 2012Mon)13:00~January 22Sun)23:00



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