☆ Further rise in the participation decision GUMI 『Hatsune Miku and Future Stars Project mirai』 ☆


Software for the Nintendo 3DS 『Hatsune Miku and Future Stars Project mirai』 !

Until now、Miku、Rin、Luka、MEIKO have been introducedand of course LenKAITO let often appears

Here once the default costume feels surprisingly premiere

<Hatsune Miku>
<Kagamine Rin>
<Kagamine Len>
<Megurine Luka>

A cute and firmly

I can not wait now for me to do what he in the game

Next up is to go to the introduction of recorded musi

Big surprise here!!

Vocaloid‘s software made ​​the Internet what this 「Megpoid」 is a character in GUMIYou did you decide to participate

So、here first

(Music, Lyrics and PV created by hachi)

Know the songs included in determining the number of very popular boasts over 4.7 million playing video sites

Norinori beats and fast-pacedeccentric focus on punk video

I tried to leave the charm of the original 3D visualization of the incredibly popular PV

Happy Synthesizer

(Music and Lyrics by EasyPop)


It is decided to join the techno-pop duet with Luka&GUMI~!

I worked on the original character design Kiki PVdraft and choreographyI dance videos Chen Namero cooperation famous onesFurthermore, the animation is handled by Anime International Company, Ltd

please note the video PV gonna catapult fun

Upside down rainbow
(Music and Lyrics by Sun zri vu ~e r)

I miss the newPopular digital POP such catchy sound

Introducing music as popular overseas as well gather more support

I dance videos check is also needed that expressed choreography in collaboration with the popular Yumiko

Music here in addition to the original Duet Miku&Rin、Rin&Len Ver. Miku&Luka Ver. Also included

I enjoy the vocals of 3 patterns change

Sketch Delusion
(Music and Lyrics by 40mP)

A form of delusional lovescreaming rock popular songs

I want us to focus even be spread over repeated performance footage of wild PV

Also the original Miku Ver. In additionChange vocal Rin Ver. Recorded

Rin Ver. Is manipulatedand submitted over charge to shigunaru P
Finally、we introduce the new costumes are a wonderful fit the music

Upside down rainbow

(designed by tom)

<Hatsune Miku>
<Kagamine Rin>
<Kagamine Len>
<Megurine Luka>
Sketch Delusion
(designed by tama
<Hatsune Miku>
<Kagamine Rin>

Upside down rainbowworked on the original design of PV、by tom。

Clear Rainbow is a focus on design and cute

And Sketches Delusionhas also worked on the original PVI sometimes design

Submitted it I finished school I wear like cuddlier
Software for Nintendo 3DS full appeal would catapult up the tension

『Hatsune Miku and Future Stars Project mirai』 is released March 08, 2012

CurrentlyI try to please us so we checked in and appreciate booking
『初音ミク and Future Stars Project mirai』公式HPはコチラ


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