★general sale tickets、special seat 39 has been updated。

チケット一般発売情報39スペシャルシート Information has been updated

Tickets are not generally available retail sale dayplease note that subject guides are equipped with play special phone number

Generally available on January 28, 2012 (Sat) 10:00 Release

Arrival for the receptionwe are able to plan the numberis closed and we will

There are no retail sale the first day of release

Size Limitsup to 4 per person

If you use the InternetFree Registration is required

Release Day January 28, 2012
・Chikettopia http://pia.jp/t [Phone Deals]0570-02-9950
・Roosonchiketto http://l-tike.com/ [Phone Deals]0570-084-633
・Iipurasu http://eplus.jp/
・CNcn. Jp http://cncn.jp/ [Phone Deals]0570-08-9933
・SOGO TOKYO onrain chiketto http://sogo.pia.jp/

Subsequent days January 29, 2012~)

・Chikettopia http://pia.jp/t 0570-02-9999 [P Code:156-053]
・Roosonchiketto http://l-tike.com/ 0570-084-003 [L Code:70890]
・Iipurasu http://eplus.jp/
・CNcn. Jp http://cncn.jp/ 0570-08-9999
・SOGO TOKYO onrain chiketto http://sogo.pia.jp/

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