Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade:The primary recruitment selection decisions songs music Third!


The announcement of the primary selection the Third Call Music

Among a total of 98 applicantswere selected tracks are two songs below

Track 1 is here


Music&Lyrics by dji ~yu@merazooma P

Vocal edited by yume-koo P

Illustrations by TCB

Movie by naze kore o P

Video is here!↓


Expand the fun of music/worldview is unique

Have carefully crafted the sound of orchestra

Momentum of PV/Height Quality

The leading reason

Nowthe other songs here


Yuukyuu-Song of Eternity-DIVAMIX-

Music&Lyrics by te ~iara

Movie by sheeya

Video is here!↓


Hatsune Miku voice, including tonecreating a very polite tone

High-quality ballad

The high quality of the PV

The leading reason

Officials everyonecongratulations!!

Here 2012/3/14 Release 「V love 25~Brave Heart~」 and the recording of 「Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade」 We are determined to be recorded in the spring

V love 25 special pageこちら!

Appeared just before the arcadeI will also be charged here

Subsequentlya secondary public offering song contest three times in recruiting


Schedule is ongoing

I also participated in the primary recruitingso applicants can continue changing tagged lock

Applicants who are re-challenge thank you


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