『Black★Rock Shooter』Blu-ray BOX & DVD BOX determines launch!

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『Black★Rock Shooter』Blu-ray BOX & DVD BOX is、Release has been decided on June 22

The Limited Edition is a luxury 5 large benefitsPlease check it out

Release: June 22, 2012

 <Blu-rayBOX/DVDBOX【Limited Editioncommon5large benefits>・special figma(2/12 sinceupdated information)・Original character huke drawn back three sides BOX

pecial Features CD:Original Soundtrack

Gallery and Bonusnon-ticker OP/ED、PV videoetc.


『Black★Rock Shooter』Blu-rayBOX【Limited Edition

TBR22200D/¥29,400(Including tax

『Black★Rock Shooter』DVDBOX【Limited Edition

TDV22201D/¥25,200(Including tax

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