BD/DVD-BOX Figma of special benefits「Insein・Black★Rock Shooter」Determined!

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June 22, released Blu-ray/DVD-BOX Figma is a special benefits「Insein・Black★Rock Shooter」has decided to

Product Name figma Insein・Black★Rock Shooter


Category figma

specification ABS&PVC Pre-painted figures movingNon-scaleSupplied with StandHeightapprox.150mm

Sculpted by Max Factory ・ asai maki

●The original figma joint parts and determined Kichi~tsu and smooth、all reproduce the scene in the play

Ensure the range of motion is the key point to use a soft material、without losing the proportions

expressions are the「face」normallyeyes narrowed、we offer two types of face「glare」as if you look ahead to the opponent

Move to the accessorieswith a large mass about the size of more than a body「insein・kanonransu」of、 design and reminiscent the bones of the organism has been incorporated「insein・bureedokurou」In addition to such primary weaponparts for a variety of wrist

Stand comes with a prop with moveable figma to enable various scenes


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