【Black★Rock Shooter – THE GAME】 Comic Edition 『B★RS THE GAME』 Paperback Volume 1 released!

Hello everyone

「Black★Rock Shooter – THE GAME」

Comic version of the popular series in the monthly Comptiq 『B★RS THE GAME』

Volume 1 Hardcover will be released


When released books、from TNSK are responsible

Since I received the messageI will introduce
Finally 「B★RS THE GAME」 Volume 1 on sale now!

Originally set in the gamecharactersand the story
Let me draw was so fun was great

Toward the comicNot only BRS、

Speculation and desperate for survival of mankind and the alien
Since incorporating only the personality of the character Morikomeru
I think that is what surely rewarding

Too much action and dialogue of the game is cool
It was very picturesque Otoshikomulaughs)。

And straight to the anguish and growth of BRS
So let me think was drawn

Means 「B★RS THE GAME」 Please enjoy the world
Based on the character set of the game

To expand the original story

Another 『B★RS THE GAME』 world

Pin – Up image and settingssuch as frame to draw down

Benefits are not too far to see location found only here

Please enjoy a lot in the books
■Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME (1)

Release DateFebruary 10, will be released

The possibility of the release date to change, depending on the region

Price:580 yen(excluding tax

PublisherKadokawa Shoten
PublisherKadokawa Group Publishing


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