『Black Rock Shooter』 – 「Mikatan Channel」 be at Nico live broadcast has been decided!

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Today at Akihabara gu~tsu tetsu cafe 「1~7 screening of Episode+talk show in gu~tsu tetsu cafe」 will be held at the talk show
「Mikatan Channel」 be at Nico live broadcast has been decided

Director YoshiokaDirector feats CG Ima ishi、3D part is responsible for sanjigen Matsuura to call you
Immediately before final episode!BRS main staff talk show」 performs
The mystery of the story and be anxious to heareven inside story of the production…!?Please visit
Date : March 22 (Thu) 24:20~24:50
Guests: Yoshioka shinobu (Director)・Ima ishihiroyuki (Director feats CG)・Matsuura hiroaki (Sanjigen)

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