Hatsune Miku address book app for iPhone

World-popular Hatsune Miku debuts as an address book app!
You can enjoy both “Hatsune Miku customizable screen” and “grouping” contacts with this application.
Get your own Hatsune Miku on beautiful and clear Retina display!

-Additional customizable screens are sold as add-on.
-Customizable screens will be added and purchasable as soon as they become available.

This application supports iCloud so grouping is available even if the contacts are synchronized.
*Please note: screen customizing settings are not supported on iCloud.

of a contact on multiple groups, sorting groups in a certain order and
creating/editing of contacts are available in a simple way like
customizing standard contact menu. The created groups are applied to
each contact and very useful. See HELP in setting menu of this
application for the use in detail.

*Features of the application
-Screen customizing of contact information screen (background, toolbar)
-Whole screen customizing and saving/reading customized screens.
-Creating, editing and deleting contacts
-Creating, editing, sorting and deleting groups
-Registering or removing existing (or new) contacts on groups (multiple registration/removal is available)
-Searching contacts (also available on group registration screen)
-Making phonecalls and emails(incl. SMS/MMS) on the contact screen
-Sending emails simultaneously (Gmail only)

*Features not covered
-Order sorting function of groups are only available in this application. It is not applied to standard contact groups.

application in initial status has one each of toolbar, background and
profile picture. To use customizable screens of each character,
purchasing them as add-on is necessary.
-Due to the change of
specification, the contacts which are synchronized with services such as
Exchange (excl. iCloud) are unable to be grouped or edited on iOS 4.2
or later.
-Required device: iPhone3G/3GS/4/4S (recommended: iPhone3GS/4/4S)
-Required OS: iOS 4.0 or later
-Please note: Regarding the synchronization of contacts with PC, we do not support it in all environments.
-Add-ons which are purchased before are downloadable for free even if the application is deleted.
-Frequent backups are recommended to use contacts.


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