To hold an exhibition focusing on the three-dimensional object ofNoitaminaframe animation of Fuji TV has been decided

Around the figure, such as『Black★Rock Shooter』and『Guilty Crown』、the aggregate of each work a three-dimensional object NoitaminaLooking back at the Noitamina cut that figure from
In additionGreat original design drawings and figures and commentand a new visualexhibits not only see here
For more information about exhibitsplease check it out so you notice in the official HP・official twitter !We also plan to sell goods in the hall
Noitamina Official HP
『Black★Rock Shooter』is introduced with comments of how the teacher molding the BRS figure until nowWe will also exhibit of original anime TVPlease come and see


DatesJune 14, 2012(Thu)〜 June 26(Tue)
12:00 – 19:00 ※Closed Wednesday
ManagementKaikai Kiki

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