Hatsune Miku Project Diva F Design Contest Results Posted

Sega official Weekly Diva Station blog revealed the results of a design contest for this month’s Hatsune Miku -Project Diva- F rhythm game on Tuesday.

Sega asked users of Piapro, the content-sharing website run by the Hatsune Miku idol’s creators at Crypton Future Media, to contribute school-themed designs for the game’s character modules and loading screen illustrations.

The game will arrive in Japan on August 30 for the PlayStation Vita system.

Designs into 3D models for its game:

Ribbon Girl (By Anmitsu)
Traditional School (By Hakiri)
Student Council Executive (By Hatsu)
Afterschool Mode (By purindarute)
School Running Jacket (By Masugi)
Graduate (By Kawano)
Run-mingu (By hekopon)
 Stylish Energy R (By Tsuyuki)
 Stylish Energy L (By Tsuyuki)
 Queen Bee (By Hako)
Genius (By Shin Luka)
 Whistle (By 7:24)

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