MIKUMENTARY (ミクメンタリー) a series of short films about the Hatsune Miku phenomenon

This series of short documentaries explores the multifaceted Hatsune Miku phenomenon, not as an informational documentary, but from the point of view of a fellow artist. Mikumentary is divided into twelve episodes to be released during 2013, each exploring a different way of understanding this virtual idol.

Featuring interviews with Hiroyuki Itoh from Crypton Future Media, the creator of AnoGaki, chodenziP, Agoaniki, Dixie Flatline, Danny Choo, fans, scholars, and more.

On Sunday, October 14th join Tara Knight and Kanae Muraki from Crypton at New York Comic Con for new information about the film and more!

Chinese/Mandarin subtitle version:

English/Japanese subtitle version:

Directed by Tara Knight
Sound and Music by Nicholas Drashner featuring Hatsune Miku
and (in order of appearance):
Lionel, Nora, Hiroyuki Itoh (CEO, Crypton Future Media), Archangel, Min Kim, Tony “Kylaran” Wang (The Nihon Review), Kazuhiro Sasao (Mikumin-P), Ian Condry (Associate Professor, MIT), Hayakawa Rumikku, Agoaniki (アゴアニキ), Ali Kamil (President of MIT Social Media Club), Fumi Hirai, Stephanie Ku, Sumio Morioka (Chodenzi-P 超電磁P), Mibasaki Kazuho, Ariel, Samantha Martin and Mom, D.P.H. Yoshiaki Masaki, T, Scott@Mikustar.com, Shiratori Yoshitaka, Dixie Flatline, and K.
TwinTail Drawing by Ian Patrick
Japanese / English translations by Tara Knight and Nora Sun
Mandarin Translations by Nora Sun

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