Magical Mirai concert merchandise

Which one do you want?

Concert merchandise for Hatsune Miku festival ” Magical Mirai”

 Concert T-shirt 3,000-Tax included)
 Concert T-shirt 3,000-Tax included)
Miku Towek 3,000-Tax included)
Towel 1,500-Tax included)
Key chain 1,800-Tax included)
Passcase 2,000-Tax included)
iPhone decolation sticker 1,500-Tax included)
Glowsticks 2,500-Tax included)
Glowsticks Hatsune Miku 1,000-Tax included)
Glowsticks Kagamine Rin & Kagamine Len 1,000-Tax included)
Glowsticks Megurine Luka 1,000-Tax included)
Glowsticks Meiko 1,000-Tax included)
Glowsticks Kaito 1,000-Tax included)
Bagpack 6,500-Tax included)
Pill case 1,000-Tax included)
Tatoo 1,000-Tax included)
Tote bag 800-Tax included)
Bottle of water 200-Tax included)
Sokuhie 300-Tax included)
Sensu 1,200-Tax included)
 Files 1,000-Tax included)
KarenT CD vol.5 “Singing’ Out To The Summer Sky1,500-Tax included)

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