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Hatsune Miku “THE END” in Paris

THE END is an opera birthed out of the collaboration between trend setting spirited young individuals including musician and artist Keiichiro Shibuya, director and script writer Toshiki Okada, and illustrator YKBX.


Hatsune Miku “ALL you Need Is LOVE”

32 Hatsune Miku postcards are now available at Mori Art Museum “ALL you Need Is LOVE” exhibition.


2/1(Wed) 『myu~komi + purasu』 in 「Black★Rock Shooter」 ED Theme Song a ban on air!

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3/7(Wed) single A-side two and fifth career supercell release of the 「kokuhaku/Bokura no ashi ato」 from the、 「Black★Rock Shooter」 ED theme song 「bokura no ashi ato」 to 『myu~komi + purasu』 has decided to ban air in


Hatsune Miku and friends visiting Scandinavia contest

We’ve got some big Vocaloid fans here in Alpha Entertainment, and so we’re holding not one, but two contests and a bonus one, to bring more of Miku and friends to Scandinavia!

Alpha Entertainment might be a Danish publisher, but we’re opening up these contests for all of Scandinavia, which means that fans from all these countries can join our contest: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, and Norway!


“Idolmaster 2″ – Hatsune Miku Append PS3 Trailer

「Idolm@ster 2」 DLC catalog vol.4 features the second TV anime change opening theme, as well as new downloadable costumes and accessories. But that’s not all. Also included in the pack is Miku’s Append costume. All this will be available at the Japanese PSN store come February 1st.


Wanhobi 15 in「min’na de tsukurou mikuaato!」project advertised

February 12, 2012(Sun)held in the「WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU 15」For、according to the information、「min’na de tsukurou mikuaato!」has been announced as well that the planning applicationWhat is、「Good Smile CompanyPhoto of the figures produced by Crypton Vocaloid has been handling the (200×200 pixels or higher recommended)to postresulting Monorashiku a combination of these giant mosaic artthe process it is also to be published from time to time。「1 Post each 100 yen(limit 10,000 min)Good Smile Company is planning a charity『Cheerful JAPAN!』Will be donated to local governments as a donation to the East through the earthquake。」


「SNOW MIKU 2012」official tour「Snow Miku stamp」published

Winter events are held in Hokkaido「SNOW MIKU 2012」in relationto the travel agencies that TOPTOUR「1,000 Limited person「Snow Miku Nendoroidwith ticket purchaseofficial tours with limited goodWhile the application is startedaccording to the informationthat applies to goods and vouchers Award TourSnow Miku stamphas been published as well