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「Vocatrix Novice | VN」 is an informative blog for fans of anime, is formed thanks to the cooperation of fans & permission from several parties involved in these articles. This blog includes information anime, OST & Fansub.


Vocatrix Novice Staff
Novice : (Owner)
Nurdin : (Site Maintenance Blog)
Kaoru : (Site Maintenance Fansub)
Nez : (Site Maintenance Touhou Project)
– : (Site Maintenance Music)

Vocatrix Novice Site
Blogger : Blog, Music, Fansub, Touhou Project
Wordpress : Blog, Music
Facebook Fanpage : Vocatrix Novice, Vocatrix Novice Fansub, Vocatrix Novice Touhou Project
Google+ Official : Vocatrix Novice
BBM : C003DA4D0
Youtube : Vocatrix Novice


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