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Miku: The Open-Source Girl Who Conquered the World

We applied for PanelPicker of SXSW – a massive movie, interactive and music conferences in Austin, TX. 


Black★Rock Shooter Blu-ray BOX &DVD BOX commemorating the release、BRS determined once broadcast!

Link noitamina.png

Blu-ray BOX &DVD BOX to celebrate the release of、『Black★Rock Shooter』 of 1 story from 8story of broadcasting has been decided at once



To hold an exhibition focusing on the three-dimensional object ofNoitaminaframe animation of Fuji TV has been decided


Vocalekt Visions holographic concert at Camera 3 on May 26th with original VOCALOID music!

Camera 3 Entertainment will host a one-time only performance by Vocaloid diva Hatsune Miku, Japanese 3D virtual performer and anime sensation who has won the hearts of people the world over, on Saturday, May 26th at 10:00pm.


Black★Rock Shooter – Storyboards



Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter : TV ANIMATION Ver.

Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter: TV ANIMATION Ver.!
She is from the recent TV anime series of Black Rock Shooter – the Mato of the alternate world! She features a brand new design that was used in the new anime series – the figure was sculpted up from scratch, so it’s very different to the previous BRS Nendoroid!


Figma Black Rock Shooter : TV ANIMATION ver.

A wish upon a star shooting through the darkness. (lebih…)